Frequently asked questions about Tenant Screening and Resident Background Checks



 Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I screen future tenants?

For a successful tenancy, it is important to diligently screen applicants. Past credit problems, financial problems, evictions, fraud and sex offenses not only indicate potential problems, but could leave you responsible in negligent litigation.

xIn 2003, consumers had over 2 trillion in outstanding credit with over 1.3 million filing for bankruptcy. This amount is increasing at a rate of over 4.4% annually.

xOver 30% of civil litigation involves contract disputes such as evictions
xOver 13 million arrests are made annually in the United States. These offenses range from fraud to sexual and violent
Why screen credit history?
To gain insight into an individual's spending habits, predictability and current financial situation, it is import to check a credit report. Data on a credit report can be used to verify applicant information, assess financial load and forecast future financial tendencies.
How do I get an accurate picture of and individual's criminal history?
Landlord Info Systems offers a wide array of criminal products that check court, Department of Corrections and Sex Offender records. Renting based solely on a credit report and a firsthand perception is not only misguided but dangerous. It is important to go beyond verification and screen for a criminal past.
Why check for evictions or civil records?
Past evictions and/or civil records reflect the rental patterns of your prospective tenant. Evictions are quickly detected with our evictions product. Civil judgements also offer a detail view into an applicant's history for small claims, judgments and other civil actions.
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