FAQ's about Private Landlord, low cost Credit and Criminal Background Reports



Why is this geared toward independent rental owners and smaller property management groups?

It is a perfect tool for independent owners and smaller management groups that may not need daily, weekly or even monthly background checks. Nationwide multifamily management firms who screen a large amount of applicants each day have to spend their time and resources to build and host custom screening solutions, but now wont have to. Now you have at your finger tips, web-based access to the same data and analytics tools, with fast and reliable leasing recommendations just like the large property management firms.

Why hasn't this type of solution been available until now?

Until now, no one has developed an online background check solution with these capabilities. TransUnion steped forward for the smaller landlords,and developed the concept, and now you have a solution that helps you screen more efficiently and more effectively for a fraction of the overall cost.

Will I still get all the information I need to make the best decision for my property?

This system combines the powerful data of TransUnion to provide you with the information you need to make more informed screening decisions in less time, including a leasing recommendation tailored to your particular property. And also enables you to screen effectively without compromising the privacy or security of the applicant's personal identifying information before they are approved.

How does this provide me with the same screening solutions that larger management firms use at a lower cost?

We are online whereas larger property management firms have custom-built solutions that they host and maintain. By tapping into the powerful rental screening capabilities of TransUnion, you access the same credit data and decisioning tools, but it's online so you don't have the cost of hosting and upkeep.

I have seen similar solutions marketed online, what makes SmartMove different?

Two factors separate this from anything else you might find out there.

  • There is no lengthy enrollment process-simply create an account and begin immediately.
  • It enables the applicant to initiate the request by giving their consent in a secure, online environment.

How much does this cost?

There are no monthly service charges, no set-up fees or other hidden costs. Simply create an account and use it only as often as you need it. And screen applicants efficiently and effectively with:

  • A leasing recommendation
  • National and statewide criminal report
  • Tenant identity verification
  • Fraud alerts

Independent owners can take advantage of all this for just $22.99. For an additional $4.99, you can add a Credit Report, which provides tenant risk in an easy-to-read format designed specifically for landlords to help you choose the most qualified residents.


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