Now Real Estate Agents can get a full Credit Report along with a Nationwide Criminal Background Check



Whether you’re managing your own investment properties, or helping your clients find that new home, SmartMove is your tenant screening answer.

Unlike traditional screening methods, instead of faxing back and forth, this system is all online, for you and the tenant. Once your account is created, all you need is your applicants e-mail address.

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Register and begin in minutes
There's no lengthy enrollment process, so you can register and be going in minutes. You don't have to provide documentation or wait for approval. Just create an account and then conduct your screening on an as-needed basis. You also have the option of managing the cost yourself or allowing the applicant to pay for the screening directly.

The industry's first web-based rental screening solution

Simply log on and send the applicant an electronic email request from within the system. Once the applicant securely verifies his or her identity, the systems delivers a comprehensive, reliable customized leasing recommendation to your account instantly.

Smart screening for both landlords and renters

For Your Clients:

  • Credit and criminal reports for their prospective tenants
  • Performed by TransUnion, so they can trust the results
  • Online process, results within minutes

For Yourself:

  • Manage multiple properties from one account
  • Choose who pays: you or the applicant
  • No memberships needed to get access to credit report

Leasing recommendations customized to your resident screening needs

Take the guesswork away, with a custom leasing recommendation and deposit amount based on your comfort levels. You tell us about your property, and about how much risk you’re willing to accept. SmartMove then compares this data to the credit and income profile of the applicant and delivers your custom recommendation

Based on your clients specific criteria you’ll receive one of four possible recommendations for accepting and deposit amount:

  • Accept
  • Conditional Accept
  • Low Accept
  • Decline
  Leaseing Reccomendation


Create an account today and see how we can help simplify your screening process, saving you time and costly resources.

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