What a renter should know before applying for a lease



Who has access to my credit and/or public record information? 

Only those landlords to whom you grant permission will have access to your credit and public information.

What makes this secure for me as a renter?

When you provide personal identifying information, like your Social Security Number or account numbers, on a landlord's application, you can't control who has access to that information once you turn it in. By providing your information directly to TransUnion in a secure, online environment, you know it won't go any farther. Until you are approved, it stays between you and TransUnion - a trusted credit reporting company that already maintains safe files for nearly 500 million people worldwide.

How long do they have access to my information?

After you provide your approval for screening, the landlord only has access to your credit and public record information for 60 days.


What specifically do they see, and what don't they see?

The landlord is provided with a leasing recommendation based on factors affecting a potential tenant's ability to fulfill lease obligations. In addition, it gives the landlord the option to view your credit and criminal background data. However, none of these services affect your credit score and they do not include personal identifying information such as your Social Security Number or Credit Card/Personal Account numbers.

Will this impact my credit score?

No. Only inquiries from a lender or creditor, made when you apply for credit, post a "Hard Inquiry" on your credit report. Depending on the scoring system used to evaluate your credit history, a hard inquiry can negatively impact your overall score. With this system, you're requesting your own credit file, which posts a "Soft Inquiry" on your file and doesn't affect your credit.

Can I give permission to other businesses to access my credit/background information?

No. this system is only for the tenant credit and background searches. This means that only a landlord can have access to reports, and only with your permission.

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