Now Renters can apply for a lease, without effecting their Credit Score, or disclosing their protected information.



Keep your personal information secure when applying for a lease

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Landlord Info Systems gives you the ability to apply for a lease while protecting your personal
identifying information, and not effecting your credit score.


When you apply through our system, you provide your Social Security Number directly to TransUnion, not to us, or even a unknown landlord. TransUnion verifies your identity and provides the landlord with a leasing recommendation, credit report and criminal history. The landlord never sees your personal information such as Social Security Number or bank account numbers, until after they approve you. This way, your sensitive information remains safe with TransUnion, a secure, trusted credit reporting company that safely houses credit data for approximately 500 million people worldwide.

Plus, the great thing is that your credit score is not impacted. Unlike when a management company, landlord, lender, or car dealer pulls your credit report, this time you will be the one requesting your credit file to be sent, so it's known as a 'Soft Hit' on your credit history, which doesn't impact your credit history or credit score.

How does this all work?
Unlike regular applicant screening methods used my apartment communities, this is all online. You'll receive an e-mail request from the landlord with a link directly to TransUnion. Simply create a secure account in seconds, review the landlord's request and choose whether or not to grant consent. The landlord receives notification instantly, helping to speed up the rental application process and keep your personal identifying information more secure.

Looking for an apartment?
Take a smart approach to applying for an apartment lease. Ask your property manager if they use Landlord Info Systems before you disclose sensitive, private information.

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